Book Club Questions by Pam Gray

​1. Why do you think Kate's parents have such a closed off relationship with her? How would her life

    be different if their relationship had been more open and loving?

​2. What role do you think Agnes plays in Ginny's life?

​3. Why do you think Arthur was so threatened by Ginny's relationship with Kate?

​4. Most 18 year old boys would not form relationships with an elderly neighbor?  Why do you think 

    Jack feels so connected to Ginny?

​5. How does Terry's mental illness affect his marriage to Kate?

6. How does Arthur's confession to Kate at Christmas time change their relationship?

7.  Alcohol led both Wayne and Terry down a path of self-destruction.  Was there anything Kate

     could have done to change their path or the way her life was affected by them?

8.  What roles to both pets and music play in the book?

9.  Ginny and Peter.  Kate and Terry.  Kate and Jack.  How were their relationships similar? How

      were their relationships different?

10. The theme of forgiveness runs through the book.  Who did Kate have the hardest time